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I maintain TWO active YouTube channels. SeeAnnSave is my main channel that directly coordinates with this blog, while my SeeAnnAtWDW channel is strictly for my Walt Disney World vacation vlogs

I currently upload to my My SeeAnnSave YouTube channel on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday’s are when I post my weekly “SeeAnnSELL” episodes, which are vlog style videos of my weekly reselling (Ebay and Amazon) activities. On Friday’s I post week-in-review vlogs that cover everything else I’m doing (shopping, hauls, cooking, reviews).

Here are some of my most popular video playlists on my SeeAnnSave channel:

Also be sure to check out my SeeAnnAtWDW YouTube channel! On this channel, I share my Walt Disney World vacation vlogs, hauls, and reviews. I upload videos to SeeAnnAtWDW on Sundays; and I also have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages dedicated to that channel. I have playlists dedicated to each of my most recent Disney trips:

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  1. I love how you showed how to do a Valentine baskets you really have the knack and would love to see more of these videos. I have written down some things to do this basket for my husband and I am going to put a new wallet in there and his chocolates and some of the choc. you bought my husband LOVES!
    Thank you for this amazing video! Is there anything you can’t do???LOL!
    Big Hugs Tricia XO

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