Target Couponing & Clearance Haul: I Only Spent $20.50 and 6 Items Were FREE!

target haul pic

target easter clearance pic

I hadn’t been to Target in nearly 2 weeks, so I headed there this morning with a list and my coupons. While I did have to buy some un-fun, non-sale items such as milk and bananas, I also managed to score some great deals with coupons, clearance and sales!

One thing that isn’t pictured is the ground beef, which my store had on sale for $6.64 for the 2-pound packages. These normally sell for $9.09, so I grabbed two packs to keep in the freezer. One thing I don’t like to skimp on is meat; I only buy the good, lean quality that Target sells; and I find it to be the best in my area. I know that this is the lowest price it ever goes to, so I didn’t hesitate to stock up.

I was shocked to see half an aisle of Easter clearance left, but seeing as it was only 70% off, I guess it isn’t that surprising. Most stores, if they even have anything left at this point, are at 90% off.  My Target store is so stingy with clearance! There was quite a bit of good candy left, too.

I put together this video showing my best deals. For everything pictured, I paid just $20.50, and 6 of the items were completely FREE! 🙂