Essential 5 Steps To Start Making Money On YouTube!


While making YouTube videos is fun, it can also be a source of income. However, before you starting making money on YouTube, you need to do the following five steps:

Google Account: You can sign up for Google and to create a YouTube account HERE. The sign up process has you create a Google account, a YouTube account, a Google email, and a YouTube channel. To finalize the process, you will need to verify your account by phone.

Channel Name: Choose your YouTube channel name with care. Google usually prompts you to make it  your actual name, but you can choose anything you like (as long as it isn’t currently being used). While you may just be starting out on YouTube for fun now, you don’t want to limit yourself to growing your “brand” in the future. There are a lot of established, successful YouTube channels out there with names unrelated to their content because the people behind them never anticipated how their channels would grow.

AdSense Account: Once you have created your YouTube channel, you can monetize it by signing up for an AdSense account here: The AdSense process is a little more involved and will require you do go through several verification steps before you are approved to earn ad revenue.

Monetize Your Videos: Your videos must be monetized in order for them to start earning income. Monetization means you are authorizing YouTube to place ads in your videos and that you are agreeing that no copyrighted materials (music and video clips from TV shows, movies or other copyrighted sources) appear in your footage. To monetize a single video, simply click on the “Monetization” tab in the video information section. You can also monetize all of your videos at once by going to your “Video Manager” page, checking all of the boxes next to your videos, and choosing the “Monetize” option under the “Actions” tab.

YouTube Partnership: After you have created your Google, YouTube and AdSense accounts, there is one more step you will need to take before you can start earning money on your videos, and that is to become a YouTube Partner. Go HERE to learn about the current criteria for becoming a YouTube Partner.

To learn more about making money on YouTube, check out my book HOW TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR FUN & PROFIT, which is available on Amazon’s Kindle. No Kindle? No problem, as Amazon offers FREE Kindle reading apps for computers, smart phones, and tablets. 🙂

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How To Decide Whether To List Your Ebay Items at Auction or Fixed Price!


One of the most frequent questions I get asked when it comes to selling on Ebay is whether to start an item at Auction or to put it up at Fixed Price. The answer varies widely depending on the item, so here are the guidelines I use:

Do a Completed Listing search to see what, if anything, your item has sold for recently. If you find that the item you are selling commands a steady price of, say, $50 on Ebay, then go ahead and list yours for $50 at Fixed Price. If you the item has sold for a wide range of prices, you may want to price yours in the middle. So if your item is selling from anywhere between $20 and $60, you may try pricing yours at Fixed Price for $40 to ensure a quick sale.

However, if you can’t find any “sold” results for your item or if you see that the item typically brings in a lot of bidders at Auction, you may want to try listing yours at auction, too. While you can run an Ebay Auction from three to 10 days, I personally prefer running Auctions for seven days. Seven days gives potential customers an entire week to find your item listing and decide if they want to bid.

As far as adding the Buy It Now option to auctions, I personally rarely do this as it costs extra, and I try to keep my Ebay fees as low as possible. If I have a good idea of how much an item will sell for, I just list it at Fixed Price rather than bother with the Auction as, again, I’m only doing Auctions for items I have no idea how to price. I don’t want to add in aBuy It Now price in case the bidding price would actually end up higher.

For more information regarding listing on Ebay, be sure to check out my book EBAY SELLER SECRETS: TIPS & TRICKS TO INCREASE YOUR SALES & MAKE MORE MONEY, which is available on Amazon’s Kindle! No Kindle? No problem, as Amazon offers FREE Kindle reading apps for computers, smart phones and tablets.

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5 Tips To Easily Organize Items For a Garage Sale!


Having a garage sale (also called yard sales and rummage sales) is a great way to clear out unwanted items and to earn a bit of extra cash. And while organizing items for sale may seem like a daunting task, here are 5 tips to make the set up process easier:

Take Time To Prepare: Give yourself a couple of weeks to prepare o you have time get your garage ready for your sale. Park your cars outside, push all other garage items to the very edge of your garage, hide items that won’t be for sale (my dad hangs tarps over his tools so that people won’t try to buy them…and believe me, people will ask about buying anything they can see), and set up tables.

Group Like Items Together: Make groupings of similar items such as books in one area, kitchen items in another, and toys in another. Make sure things are spread out, not piled on top of each other. Despite what those “American Picker” guys say, most people do NOT like having to dig through piles of stuff.

Get Creative with Space: If you run out of tables, put like items together in boxes and have them priced so that on the day of your sale you can quickly arrange them outside on tables. Do NOT just throw items out onto your driveway or lawn. Yes, I have seen this many times – clothes and stuffed animals for sale actually lying in the dirt!

Give Buyers Confidence: If you are selling electrical items, place them together near an outlet as people will want to test them to make sure they work. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, run an extension cord over. People will only buy items they are assured actually work.

Leave Space: Make sure there is enough space between tables for people to easily move around. There will likely be several people shopping at once, and they’ll only buy items they can access. The easier you make it for someone to pick up an item, the more likely they are to buy it!

For more information about how to hold a successful garage sale, be sure to check out my book GARAGE SALE GUIDE: HOW TO QUICKLY & EASILY MAKE MONEY SELLING YOUR USED ITEMS, which is available on Amazon’s Kindle. No Kindle? No problem, as Amazon offers FREE Kindle reading apps for computers, smart phones, and tablets. 🙂

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Should You Start a Blog for Your Ebay Business?


I often get asked if starting a blog to coordinate with your Ebay business is a good idea or not. For years, I did have a blog for my Ebay Store; but I rarely updated it and never found it to help drive sales. However, before you make a decision about whether or not to start a blog, consider the following points:

    • If you are simply looking for a basic website to promote your Ebay listings, stick to a free blog on a site like Blogger or WordPress, noting that on Blogger you can also place Google AdSense advertising and earn additional income.
    • Make sure the link to your Ebay Store is featured prominently on your site as the main goal it to get people to your Ebay Store to shop.
    • Include links to all of your social networking sites; and be sure to update them if any of them change.
    • Update your site at least twice a week with photos, information about new listings, or announcements of any sales.
    • Keep it light and fun – your blog/website should be focused on bringing paying customers to your Ebay listings.  Your Ebay blog/website isn’t the place to discuss controversial topics such as religion or politics.
    • Don’t let maintaining your blog/website overtake your first priority, which is actually listing and selling items on Ebay!

For more information about starting a blog for your Ebay business, along with how to use other social media sites to grow your reselling income, check out my book How To Use Social Media To Increase Your Ebay Sales & Make More Money, which is available on Amazon Kindle. No Kindle? No problem, as Amazon offers FREE Kindle reading apps for computers, smart phones and tablets. 🙂

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Why Walt Disney World Is the Perfect Vacation Spot for Senior Citizens!


Walt Disney World is for families with little kids, right? Wrong! There is something for all ages at the Happiest Place on Earth!

You may be thinking, “Why would a senior citizen even WANT to go to Walt Disney World? Disney is for kids. There is nothing for an adult to do there.” Oh, how wrong you are! The truth is that while of course Disney caters to families with young children, there is so much available for adults to do without kids. In fact, there are many attractions, shows, and dining experiences that appeal much more to adults than children.

What I love so much about WDW is that there is truly something for everyone. We have been multiple times, and we haven’t even seen a fraction of what is available. Instead of spending our time waiting in line to meet characters, my dad and I explore Epcot’s World Showcase. Neither of us is into thrill rides, so we don’t have to worry about standing in long lines for the big attractions, instead focusing on the easier-to-get-into shows and exhibits.

In fact, there is so much to see and do in WDW without once stepping foot on an amusement park ride. Food choices abound, meaning you don’t have to settle for chicken fingers and hot dogs. There are fun shops to explore around every corner as well as street performances, parades and fireworks. Plus Disney is one of, if not THE cleanest, friendliest, safest, and accessible places in the entire world for senior citizens to visit!

For senior citizens, a big issue when traveling is accessibility. Perhaps you or the senior you are traveling with uses a mobility aid such as a walker, wheelchair or power scooter. Maybe there is a need for a service animal or a special dietary requirement. Whatever issue you may think is preventing you from visiting WDW, you can rest assured that the Disney cast members have seen it and handled it thousands of times over.

The Disney resorts, parks, restaurants, and transportation system are all designed to accommodate guests of all abilities, including those in wheelchairs. I will talk more about mobility aids coming up later in this book, but don’t let needing a little help getting around stop you from visiting WDW!

Check out my May 2014 vacation vlogs to see how my senior citizen dad handles traveling to Walt Disney World!

As for what there is to do for senior citizens, I can guarantee that you will never be bored at WDW, regardless of your age. While many Disney attractions accommodate all members of the family, if rides don’t interest you, there are plenty of shows and other events to keep you occupied from sun up until sun down. My dad goes on some rides, but for the most part, we stick to the shows, most of which are indoors, air conditioned and with comfortable seating.

If you stay on Disney property, the resorts themselves offer plenty of amenities and activities. All resort rooms are well appointed, and every resort has handicap accessible accommodations. There are themed pools, spas, restaurants, and shops at every property.

If you love to dine out, Disney has over 100 full-service sit-down restaurants throughout their resorts, parks and the Downtown Disney area; along with quick-service counter service spots and snack carts. Disney can accommodate any dining needs you may have, including allergies or special diets.

There is no need to drive while at WDW, as guests staying on property have free access to the monorail, boats and buses that transport you to and from the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney. Not having to drive is a huge reason why my dad and I love vacationing at WDW so much! My dad no longer drives, so Disney transportation takes the burden of driving off of me during our vacation.

Finally, if safety and cleanliness are of concern, you will find that Disney delivers on both. While you certainly don’t want to completely let your guard down anywhere, Disney World takes steps to make sure guests of all ages are safe and comfortable.

Why should a senior citizen want to visit Walt Disney World? Why not?! And for more information about visit WDW as or with a senior citizen, check out my book WALT DISNEY WORLD FOR SENIOR CITIZENS, which is available on Amazon’s Kindle. No Kindle? No problem, as Disney offers FREE Kindle reading apps for computers, smart phones and tablets. 🙂

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How To Make Money Selling Yarn & Knitting Supplies On Ebay!


I estimate that half of the estate sales I go to have yarn and kitting supplies, and I always give them a look to see if they are worth picking up to resell on Ebay. First I check the packages of yarn to make sure they don’t have 99-cent stickers on them. After all, yarn is sold at Walmart; most people don’t come to Ebay to buy what they can get at their nearby big box store.  Often entire bags of yarn will be priced at only a few dollars at sales. However, most yarn I find is partially used; and since I’m not an expert on yarn, I only buy new packages.

I focus on higher quality yarn that I can resell in bundles. Yarn made from cotton or wool (especially cashmere) is much more valuable than acrylic. However, if you find a large lot of new yarn in one pattern or color, you will likely still be able to sell it even if it is acrylic. Multi-color yarn is also a good pick up regardless of what it is made of.


Finding packages (or “skeins”) of yarn all in the same color is most desirable as people are looking for enough yarn to complete projects such as sweaters and blankets. They are also looking for colors and patterns that have been discontinued. And while selling yarn in lots of the same color is the most popular way to list it on Ebay, you can also sell lots of multiple colors. The key with selling yarn on Ebay is having several skeins in one listing; so lots are the way to go.

In addition to yarn, pattern books and knitting needles will also sell on Ebay. These items are pretty easy to find secondhand, so don’t hesitate to grab them when you find them cheap and in good condition. Knitting and crochet books can ship via media mail, while skeins of yarn are easy to bag and ship in a large box or in a large poly bag.

You don’t have to understand the craft of knitting to sell big lots of yarn on Ebay. It’s easy to find, easy to list, and easy to ship! And for even more items to sell on Ebay, check out my books 101 ITEMS TO SELL ON EBAY and 101 MORE ITEMS TO SELL ON EBAY, both of which are available on Amazon’s Kindle. No Kindle? No problem! Amazon offers FREE Kindle reading apps for computers, smart phones and tablets. 🙂

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Top 10 Places To Find Coupons!


It used to be the coupons were only in the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts. And while the weekly coupon inserts still offer the largest number of coupons, these days there are so many other places to find them. Here are my top 10 favorite places to find coupons:

Sunday Newspapers: The Sunday newspaper is the most common place to find coupons as they contain weekly coupon inserts. SmartSource, RedPlum, and Proctor & Gamble (P&G) are the companies that produce the most inserts; although occasionally specialty inserts from other manufactures and stores will appear.

Catalinas: Have you ever gotten coupons at the store that printed out with your receipt? Those coupons are called “catalinas”. While some are only redeemable at the store they came from (they will have the store name at the top next to the expiration date), if they say “Manufacturer’s Coupon”, they can be used at any store that accepts coupons.

Facebook: In the past year, more and more companies have started offering printable coupons exclusively to their Facebook fans. In order to get these coupons, you DO need to have a Facebook account; so if you have been hesitant about joining the online social networking site, consider setting up an account simply to get coupons (as well as freebies, as many free sample offers are also only available on Facebook).

Free Samples: In addition to printable coupons, I also post free sample offers here on the blog. Not only are these freebies great on their own (who doesn’t love opening up their mailbox to find it filled with FREE stuff?!), but most also come with high-value coupons.

Inside Product Packaging: Before tearing up the box your cereal came in, take a look on the inside to see if there are any coupons either printed directly on the packaging or floating around in the box. I often find coupons printed on the inside labels of cans, too. Some products will advertise the fact that coupon booklets are included; so if you are buying that particular item anyway, be sure to pick up one with the coupons.


Junk Mail: Like most people, my mailbox is often filled with junk mail. However, I always take a minute or two to scan through the flyers for coupons. I find a lot of restaurant coupons this way. I used to be embarrassed to use coupons at restaurants, but I love to eat out and soon got over feeling shy about saving money when dining. After all, the restaurants release the coupons to entice you in, so you might as well use them!

Magazines: If you subscribe to magazines, be sure to keep your eyes open for coupons inside. I usually find high-value cosmetic coupons in women’s magazines. I am always posting free magazine offers on my website, many of which I just look through for the coupons.

Peelies: As you are scanning the store aisles, keep your eyes open for “peelies”, which are coupons taped directly to the product packaging. Note this it is poor etiqute to take all of the peelie coupons. Only take them for products you are actually buying or that you purchase regularly. I look for the packages in the back of the shelf and take the peelies from those so that the products towards the front of the shelf still have there peelie coupons for other shoppers.

Tear Pads: Manufacturers often put out “tear pads” next to their products, which are simply stacks of coupons that you will find on the store shelves. There are also small machines that distribute coupons next to the products they match. Be courteous to other shoppers and only take a few of these for yourself.

Printable Coupons: Printable coupons have taken off in recent years, and I myself get the majority of my coupons online with printables. Most stores now accept printable coupons. Printable coupons are just like paper coupons that you cut out as they have a bar code that needs to be scanned at checkout. There are both manufacturer printable coupons and store printable coupons.

For even more information about how you can get started saving money with coupons, be sure to check out my book BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO COUPONING: LEARN HOW TO SAVE MONEY USING COUPONS IN SEVEN EASY STEPS! This book is available on Amazon’s Kindle. No Kindle? No problem as Amazon offers FREE Kindle reading apps for computers, smart phones and tablets.

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How To Make Money Selling Vintage Adding Machines On Ebay!

Image result for vintage adding machinesImage result for vintage adding machines

Vintage adding machines are a popular collectible that I stumbled upon a few years ago. These machines are HEAVY, but the shipping weight doesn’t deter collectors from buying them. I have sold these anywhere from $30 to $100, depending on the brand and their condition.  

I usually find these machines at estate sales, and I only buy them on the half off days. Most people pass these up, so they are usually one of the items left over on the last day of the sale. Since condition and brand cause the selling price to vary wildly, I make sure to pay as little as possible for these. The more keys a machine has, plus the overall condition of the paint and decals, are big factors in how much you’ll be able to sell it for. A machine with lots of keys, for instance, will bring in more than one with only a basic set of numbers. Likewise for a model where the original paint and decals are in good shape over one that is faded, chipped and cracked.

Remington, Olivetti, and Burroughs are three brands to keep an eye out for. Since it can be hard to know if these vintage machines have all of their internal parts, I always list them “as is”. Collectors can be super picky, so it’s important to protect yourself against an Ebay buyer filing a case against you claiming the adding machine they bought from you wasn’t in the condition you described it as.

Image result for vintage adding machinesImage result for vintage adding machines

If all of the keys are working, I will put that in the listing, although I will add that they may be sticky. The ribbons on these machines are almost always dried up, but that is something collectors understand due to the age of these pieces. You do not have to buy a new ribbon; just list that the machine will likely need a new one. As I said, don’t make promises that these machines are in perfect working order, as a collector will likely challenge that.

Because these machines are heavy and bulky, we ship them via USPS Parcel Select or UPS Ground. I list these using calculated shipping so that the buyer pays the postage cost for their location. I have a digital scale to weigh everything I list and ship on Ebay so that I can list with the exact weight. Don’t list one of these units with “free shipping” unless you’ve added in the cost to ship them (which is usually $20 or more) into the selling price or you’ll find yourself out money.

Shipping adding machines is where the real work is, but the profit on them can pay off nicely. We wrap the machine in bubble wrap and use a lot of packing material and/or packing peanuts around it to ensure it arrives safely. I always make sure I have a shipping box for these before I list them so that we are ready to ship once they sell.

Adding machines area heavy, but if you have the strength to carry them, can find them cheap and in good condition, definitely pick them to sell on Ebay for a nice profit! And to learn about more items to sell on Ebay, be sure to check out my book 101 ITEMS TO SELL ON EBAY: HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING GARAGE SALE & THRIFT STORE FINDS!

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