One thought on “VIDEO: Taking a Break from YouTube!

  1. Hi Ann; I totally understand where you are coming from. You do what you have to do. For all us whom Support you will Understand completely. I had to delete u-tube off my phone for a while because I was watching everyone else make $$$ but I ! Been listing listing listing and these past 2 mths have been the best mths to date for me on eBay. Cha-Ching! I love to hear it. If doing it like you use to works then we will all Support you for you are so helpful and knowledgeable and have helped me a lot. Take care Sweety! Sending my love to you, Papa, Lucy & Charlie. BTW-I love the Cowboy hat toy and $$ Bag! Lol Deep breathe and enjoy life’s smallest things like MICHELLE says. Will watch your Instagram when I can. Take care and best of luck listing. You definetly have your plate full. Stay For Real & Sweet

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