Having Issues with Merch by Amazon? Give TeePublic a Try!

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Many of you who follow my blog also sell on Ebay, have a blog of your own, and/or do other online work. And if, like me, you’ve been giving Merch by Amazon a try but are having issues, you might want to give TeePublic a try! I’ve been on TeePublic since late last year, and while I’m definitely not earning a huge amount there, I am having consistent sales. This is in sharp contrast to Merch by Amazon, where I have only sold a few shirts.

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TeePublic offers you a way to sell print-on-demand items such as tee shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and more. What I like about it over Amazon is that I get to have my own “store”, offer more products, and have more control over my designs. I have several Disney-inspired shirts on TeePublic that I know would immediately be flagged over on Amazon. Plus Amazon will pull designs that don’t sell within 60 days; on TeePublic, you can upload as many designs as you’d like. And unlike sites such as Zazzle and Café Press, I find TeePublic extremely easy to use!

Amazon sellers are also dealing with people stealing their designs as they use software to target strong sellers. Since TeePublic is smaller, it seems to be free from that issue, as least for now. I see Merch by Amazon going the way of Kindle; once the scammers figured out how to manipulate sales, income for everyone dropped across the board. While the people who got in on Merch in the early days are doing well, it seems much harder for us new sellers as there as now a lot of restrictions. So while I will keep some designs on Amazon, right now I’m just focusing on promoting my TeePublic store!

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