Amazon Prime Members: FREE Kindle First Books for April!

It’s a new month, which means there is a new batch of FREE Kindle First books to choose from for Amazon Prime members! Prime members can select one of thee books for FREE during the month of November. Not a Prime Member? CLICK HERE to start your 30-day FREE  trial!

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VIDEO: October Walt Disney World Solo Vacation Vlog Part 32!

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There is a new vlog up on my SeeAnnAtWDW YouTube channel, which you can also watch below!


Need help planning your Walt Disney World vacation? Check out my three Disney World guide books:

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Ebay Store Owners: Shipping Supply Coupons Now Available for April!


It’s the start of a new business quarter, and if you have an Ebay store subscription, that means you have a FREE coupon waiting for you to spend on shipping supplies! The amount you receive is based on your Ebay store level; since I have a Premium Store, I have $50 to spend.

To redeem your shipping supplies coupon, simply go to the Manage My Store section on Ebay. I do this super fast by going to my store’s storefront and scrolling down to the bottom of the first page to find the Seller, manage Store link.

After clicking on the Seller, manage Store link, you’ll be taken directly to your Manage My Store page. Look at the first box on the left-hand side, which is titled Store Management. Click on the Subscriber Discounts link to be taking to your eBay Shipping Supplies coupon link.

Remember that you can only use your coupon code in ONE transaction or else you will lose any amount you don’t use. So you may want to go over your allotted amount and spend a bit more out of pocket to maximize the amount of supplies you can get. This is the fourth time I’m using this coupon; so far I’ve gotten boxes, tape, poly bags, and tissue paper. This time I’m ordering some small boxes (perfect for coffee mugs and trinkets) along with two sizes of padded envelopes!

CLICK HERE to visit my Ebay store! 🙂