Making Money with Jingit: Does It Work?

A couple of weeks ago, I followed the link another blogger put up for Jingit, a new site for making money online by watching videos and taking surveys. I was reading about people making up to $10 a week on the site, and I was excited to try it myself. Sign up was easy – you register via Facebook – and within a minute I was on the site.

There are 4 ways to earn money with Jingit: watching short commercials on the site (under 30 seconds); taking brief surveys (usually around 5 questions); going to stores and scanning in items on your iPhone or Android; and referring Facebook friends to join the site.

I didn’t have any issues watching the commercials or answering the surveys, and I quickly earned $1.96. However, I haven’t had any new videos to watch in days, and I can’t request a Visa Debit Card (which is how Jingit pays out your money) until I have at least $2. I have been sitting in $1.96 limbo for awhile now, despite checking the site daily.

After downloading the free app on my iPhone, I immediately received three opportunities to scan items at Wal-Mart: Jell-O pudding cups for $2, Planters peanut butter for $2, and Krazy Klue for 50-cents. I was pretty excited at the idea I could earn an easy $4.50 just for scanning in products at Wal-Mart, when I needed to go there anyway.

While the app directed me to the Waterloo Wal-Mart, when I went to the Cedar Falls store, it switched over to that location. By the time I went, the Planters peanut butter offer had been taken off, but I still had the Jell-O and Krazy Klue to scan. However, when I went into the store and found the items, the app told me I was 41 miles away. I tried logging off and on, turning the phone off and on, moving around the store a bit. Nothing helped. I simply was not able to scan in the items. Very frustrating!

So, is Jingit worth it? This is a very new site and I have read that they are working out the kinks. It seems that videos on the site are on the back-burner while they focus on the mobile app. So, your chances for earning money at the moment are pretty slim. However, since registering via Facebook is so easy, I would recommend joining. I think that if the site takes off, they may limit the number of people who are allowed to join. If you have an iPhone or Android, you can download the free app and see if it works for you. Again, I have read they are working on the app right now, as other people besides me have had issues with it.

Once you have joined, there is a link at the top to post to your Facebook page for your friends and family to join. I am not sure how much you can earn through referrals; I have put the link on my page a couple of times, but I haven’t gotten any notice that anyone signed up through my link.

While the kinks get worked out, I will still be checking the site daily, hoping I can cross that $2 mark and get my Visa card! :-)

CLICK HERE to visit Jingit’s website. You must have a Facebook account to register.

CLICK HERE to download the Jingit app on iTunes.

CLICK HERE to download the Jingit app on Google.