My Summer Decocrated Subscription Box + 10% Off Coupon Code

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There’s a new video over on my second YouTube channel, which you can also watch below! In today’s video, I open my Summer Decocrated subscription box, which is one of my favorite boxes!

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My June Love With Food Subscription Box!

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I have soooo many videos going up on my second YouTube channel, including the one that just went up today! Check out my June Love With Food subscription box, which is a monthly box of healthier snacks.

CLICK HERE to learn more about a Love With Food subscription for yourself! There are three different boxes to choose from: Tasting, Deluxe, and Gluten Free.

My SeedSheet Garden Part 2

It’s Friday, which means there is a new SeedSheet Garden video over on my second YouTube channel, which you can also watch below! I wasn’t too sure if this whole gardening thing was going to work for me (as I’ve failed miserably the past two years); but I’m actually shocked at how well the SeedSheet garden is growing! In today’s video you’ll see that over the past week the lettuce and sunflowers all spouted; and you can see how the garden progresses in update videos on Friday’s this summer.

My TeePublic Store Is 35% Off Today Only!

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TeePublic just launched a SURPRISE 35% off sale, which means the shirts in my store are as low as only $13! This sale is today only , June 20th. I have Disney World inspired designs along with money-saving, thrifting and reselling styles. In addition to shirts of all sizes, I also have coffee mugs, notebooks, and cell phone cases. CLICK HERE to check out my designs!

P.S. If you are looking for an easy way to make money via print-on-demand, CLICK HERE to learn about TeePublic! I’ve found it much easier and more profitable than Merch by Amazon; in fact, I’m no longer selling items on Amazon, only on TeePublic.

My Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul!

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year….Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale! I pretty much only shop at Bath & Body Works during their twice-a-year sale events, and I usually order online. You can watch my unboxing video over on my second YouTube channel!

When I shop online, I always check Ebates (or Rakuten, which is what they are changing the name to….although I have no idea why) so that I can earn cash back on my purchases. I love that there are no points to keep track of; Ebates/Rakuten just automatically issues me a check every three months!

CLICK HERE to sign up for Ebates/Rakuten! 🙂

Worst Liquidation Lot Ever!!!

Most of you know that I’ve been experimenting with ordering items at liquidation to resell on Ebay and Poshmark. There are so many liquidation companies out there, and I always test a company by ordering a small amount. Recently I was very pleased with cosmetics that I ordered from a particular company, so I thought I’d test a hard good lot from them. I ordered a liquidation toy lot with the intent that I’d take most of it to the consignment store. To see what I received, you’ll need to watch our unboxing video (warning: Papa says a four-letter word!)!

Opening My June Walt Life Subscription Box!

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There’s a new video up on my second, personal YouTube channel (which I just renamed back to Ann Marie Eckhart….and I’m not above changing it again later, lol), which you can also watch below! In today’s video I open my June Walt Life subscription box.

Walt Life is a monthly subscription box (note that they are not affiliated directly with Disney) that offers several box sizes and customization options. I am currently subscribed to the Kingdom Box, gender neutral, and 18+. I am thinking about changing the gender to “female” just to see the difference.

Save 5% off your first Walt Life box with code WALTLIFE!

My June Stickki Club & Pipsticks Sticker Subscriptions!

Heads up, sticker fans (the few of you there are, as my sticker videos don’t get many views, haha!): There is a new video up on my Unboxings, Hauls & Disney Vlogs YouTube channel featuring my June Stickii Club and Pipsticks subscriptions!

This is the last month I have for these two subscriptions. While I really like them both, I’m currently drowning in stickers and need to organize what I already have before getting any more. However, if you are interested in either of these monthly subscriptions, here are the links:

Stickii Club


Planting a SeedSheet Garden Part 1!

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Once again this summer, I’m attempting a garden! After the past two FAILED attempts at growing anything, this year I ordered a SeedSheet to hopefully make the process easier. But, as with what usually happens, the process to prepare a space for the sheet proved to be more complicated than I imagined! You can watch my process in the first video of my SeedSheet series, which is on my Unboxings, Hauls & Disney Vlogs YouTube channel (or watch it below)!

Here are the links referenced in the video:

VIDEO: Chit-Chatty Hodge-Podge of Unboxings!

There’s a new video over on my second YouTube channel, which you can also watch below! Today I open up a bunch of packages, including:

Stickii Club

SensoLatino Sunglasses

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