GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win A Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag!


It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for a new weekly giveaway! This week one lucky person will win a Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag in Brown Woodblock Floral (a retired print), which retails for $25!

To enter this giveaway, simply leave me a comment below letting me know you’d like to be entered. This giveaway will be open for the next four days, at which time I will close the comments and randomly draw one name from all of the entries. U.S. addresses only; must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Good luck! :-)

P.S. For more information about Thirty-One, CLICK HERE to visit my website!

Newspaper Coupon Inserts for Sunday, January 25th!

There will be up to four coupon inserts in the Sunday, January 25th newspapers: 2 RedPlum, 1 SmartSource, and 1 P&G! Remember that coupon inserts, as well as the coupons themselves, can vary by region. Also, the largest newspaper in the state tends to have the most coupons. For instance, here in Iowa, the Des Moines Register has the best inserts.

Here are the coupons you may find in Sunday’s papers:


$2 off Abreva Conceal, 6-12 ct. (exp 3/31)
$3 off Abreva product, 2 g pump or tube (exp 3/31)
.50/1 Bar-S franks (exp 2/22)
.50/2 Brillo Estracell sponges or Erase & Wipe (exp 3/1)
.25/1 Brillo soap pads, 10-18 ct. (exp 3/1)
.55/2 Carnation evaporated milk cans, 12 oz (exp 4/30)
$1 off Citrucel Fiber item (exp 3/31)
$2/2 DiGiorno pizza (exp 2/28)
$1 off Eckrich rope or links smoked sausage, 11-14 oz (exp 2/22)
$3 off Estroven Weight Management (exp 4/30)
$1 off Gaviscon product (exp 3/31)
$2 off L’Oreal Advanced haircare shampoo or conditioner, excl 1.7 oz trial size (exp 2/21)
$2 off L’Oreal Advanced haircare treatment item, excl 1.7 oz trial size (exp 2/21)
$2 off L’Oreal Advanced hairstyle item, excl 1.7 oz trial size (exp 2/21)
$3 off L’Oreal cosmetic face item, excl Magic Perfecting Base .17 oz mini size (exp 2/21)
$2 off L’Oreal Excellence haircolor, excl To-Go (exp 2/21)
$2 off L’Oreal skincare item, excl trial size (exp 2/21)
$3 off L’Oreal Youth Code item, excl trial and BB cream (exp 2/21)
.50/1 Mahatma or Water Maid rice (exp 4/30)
$1/2 Ore-Ida products, 19 oz + (exp 3/8)
$1.75 off Purina Alpo dry dog food (exp 4/25)
Free Purina Beggin’ dog snack 6 oz, up to $3.75, WYB (1) Beggin’ dog snack, 6 oz, and (1) Waggin’ Train treats for dogs, 3 oz (exp 4/25)
$2 off Purina Beneful dry dog food (exp 3/31)
$2/3 Purina Beneful wet dog good (exp 3/31)
B1G1 Purina Dog Chow dry dog food, 4.4 lb. or smaller, up to $6.50 (exp 2/21)
$1 off Purina Friskies cat treats, 6 oz +. (exp 4/25)
$1 off Purina ONE dry cat food, 3.5 lb. + (exp 4/30)
B2G1 Purina ONE wet cat food cans, 3 oz, up to $.95 (exp 4/30)
$3 off Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Clumping litter (exp 4/25)
$1 off Right Guard body wash (exp 2/21)
$1 off SheaMoisture bar soap (exp 4/30)
$2 off SheaMoisture bubble bath, body, baby or hair item (exp 4/30)
$1.50 off Stouffer’s family, large family or party size entree, 25-96 oz (exp 4/30)
$1/2 Stouffer’s single serve items, 6-20 oz (exp 4/30)
$1 off Tone body wash (exp 2/14)
$1.50 off Tums Freshers or Chewy Delights, 35 ct. + (exp 3/22)
$1.50/2 Tums product, 24 ct. + (exp 3/22)
$1 off Wisk product (exp 3/8)


$1 off Advil regular, PM, Children’s Advil or ThermaCare product (exp 3/13)
$2 off Axe Daily Fragrance or deodorant stick, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$2 off Axe Dry Spray deodorant, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$1 off Axe Hair item, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$1 off Axe shower gel or Detailer, 16 oz, excl twin pk and trial size (exp 2/22)
.25/1 Azteca Salad Shell or refrigerated tortillas (exp 3/25)
$1 off Ball Park Flame Grilled Patties (exp 3/8)
.55/1 Ball Park Franks (exp 3/8)
.25/1 Brawny paper towels, incl single rolls (exp 2/25)
.50/1 Caress soap, 6-bar pk. +, or body wash 12 oz +, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$1 off Centrum multivitamin or Caltrate product (exp 3/13)
$1/2 Chapstick hydration lock items (exp 3/13)
.50/1 Country Crock Spread, excl Honey or Cinnamon-Flavored (exp 2/22)
$2 off Degree Men’s dry spray deodorant, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$2 off Degree Women’s dry spray deodorant, excl trial size (exp 2/7)
$1 off Dove Beauty Bar, 6-bar pk +, excl Men+Care and trial size (exp 2/22)
$1 off Dove Body wash, 18 oz +, excl Men+Care and trial size (exp 2/22)
$4/2 Dove Hair products, excl Men+Care and trial size (exp 2/8)
$2 off Dove Hair Treatment, excl Men+Care and trial size (exp 2/8)
$2 off Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar, 6-bar pk +, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$2 off Dove Men+Care body wash or Active Clean Shower Tool, 13.5 oz +, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$2 off Dove Men+Care dry spray deodorant, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$1 off Dove Men+Care face care item, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$2 off Dove Men+Care Fortifying Shampoo, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$2 off Dove Women’s dry spray or Advanced Care deodorant, excl trial size (exp 2/7)
$1 off Emergen-C Vitamin Supplement drink mix (exp 3/13)
$1/2 Hefty Foam items (exp 3/31)
.50/1 Heinz tomato ketchup, 32 oz + (exp 3/22)
.50/1 Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise item, 30 oz + (exp 2/22)
.55/1 Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies Cocktail Links (exp 3/8)
.60/1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! product, 1.5 oz + (exp 2/22)
$1.50 off Jones Canadian Bacon (exp 3/25)
.50/2 Knorr Rice or Pasta sides (exp 2/22)
.60/2 Lipton Recipe Secrets (exp 2/22)
.75/2 Mahatma Rice mixes (exp 4/30)
.50/2 McCormick Taco or Mexican seasoning mixes (exp 3/1)
$1 off NeilMed SinuFrin or SinuFrin Plus (exp 2/8)
$1.50 off New England Coffee single serve (exp 4/5)
Free Pedigree Dentastix dog treat, up to $4.05, WYB Pedigree dry food for dogs, 11 lb. + (exp 3/21)
$1.50 off Perdue Short Cuts item (exp 3/31)
$1 off Preparation H product (exp 3/13)
$1/3 Pringles full size cans 160 g +, excl fat free, reduced fat, 100 calories and trial size (exp 3/8)
$1/2 Purex liquid detergent 43.5 oz +, or UltraPacks 18 ct. + (exp 2/1)
.55/1 Quilted Northern Ultra Plush bath tissue, 12 roll + (exp 2/25)
.55/1 Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong, 12 roll + (exp 2/25)
.50/2 Ragu products (exp 2/22)
.55/1 Reynolds Slow Cooker liners, 4 ct. + (exp 4/30)
$1 off Robitussin or Dimetapp, Advil Congestion Relief or Advil Allergy Relief (exp 3/13)
$2 off Sarna Anti-Itch lotion (exp 4/30)
$3 off Simple or St. Ives, Noxema or Pond’s face care item purchase, $9 +, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
.75/1 Suave body wash item, incl Professionals, naturals, mens, kids, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
.50/1 Suave Clinical Protection or deodorant stick, excl 1.4 oz, Men’s, and trial size (exp 2/22)
$1.50 off Suave Luxe styling infusion item, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$2 off Suave Professionals hand and body lotion, excl trial size (exp 2/22)
$2/2 Suave Professionals shampoo or conditioner items, excl Professionals Silver and Green shampoo and conditioner 12.6 oz, and trial size (exp 2/22)
$3/2 Sundown Naturals Adult Gummies (exp 3/25)
$1 off Sundown Naturals vitamins or supplements (exp 3/25)
$1/2 SuperPretzel soft pretzel items (exp 3/15)
$1 off Vaseline lotion 20.3 oz +, or Spray Lotion, excl trial size (exp 2/22)


.50/1 Alberto VO5 Salon Series, Oils or styling items (exp 2/22)
.50/2 Alberto VO5 shampoo, conditioner or body wash (exp 2/22)
$2 off Alka-Seltzer product, 32 ct. + (exp 2/25)
$4 off Bausch+Lomb Preservision, 120 ct. + (exp 3/28)
$1 off Bayer aspirin, 20 ct. + (exp 2/28)
$2 off Bayer aspirin, 60 ct. + (exp 2/28)
$1 off Blue Diamond Almond bag, 10 oz + (exp 3/29)
$1.50/2 Blue Diamond Almond cans or bags, 4 oz + (exp 3/29)
$1 off Chock Full O’Nuts ground coffee (exp 3/15)
$1 off Chock Full O’Nuts single serve coffee (exp 3/15)
.50/1 Coast bar soap, 3-pk + (exp 3/8)
.50/1 Coast body wash (exp 3/8)
$1 off Efferdent product, 24 ct. + (exp 3/8)
$2 off Efferdent product, 48 ct. + (exp 2/1)
$1.25 off Farm Rich snack, 16 oz + (exp 3/15)
.50/1 Fiber One Streusel Bars (exp 3/21)
$1/2 Fisherman’s Friends products (exp 4/30)
$1 off Foster Farms frozen cooked chicken, excl breast nuggets or turkey meatballs (exp 4/30)
.50/2 General Mills Chex Mix regular, Muddy Buddies, Popped, Xtreme, Chex Chips, or Bugles Corn Snacks, Gardetto’s Snack Mix or Green Giant Veggie Snacks, 3.7 oz + (exp 3/21)
$2 off Kaui coffee (exp 3/15)
$2 off Keri lotion (exp 4/30)
.75/1 Land O’Frost Premium, Canadian Bacon or Bistro Favorites (exp 2/25)
$1 off Land O’Frost sub sandwich kit (exp 2/25)
$1 off Lee Kum Kee product (exp 7/31)
$1 off MJB premium coffee (exp 3/15)
.75/2 Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams, Go Bites or Grahamfuls, 7 oz + (exp 3/14)
.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars 5 ct. +, Nut Crisp Bars, Granola Thins, Soft-baked Oatmeal Squares or Breakfast Biscuits (exp 3/21)
$1/3 Oikos Triple Zero, 5.3 oz cups (exp 2/23)
$1/3 Old El Paso products, excl refrigerated, frozen and soup items (exp 3/21)
.50/2 Old El Paso refried beans (exp 3/21)
.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent or Grands! Crescent dinner rolls (exp 4/18)
.30/2 Pillsbury refrigerated Grands! biscuits (exp 4/18)
.50/2 Pillsbury Toaster Streudel, Toaster Scrambles Pastries or pancakes, excl Heat-n-Go mini pancakes (exp 4/18)
$1/2 Planter’s nuts or peanut butter, 6 oz +, excl almonds (exp 3/31)
.50/1 Rave hairspray, 7 oz + (exp 3/15)
.50/1 Rave travel size, 1.5 oz (exp 2/25)
$4 off Refresh Optive Advanced item (exp 2/28)
$3/2 Refresh products (exp 3/21)
$1 off RevitaLens OcuTec item, 10 oz (exp 3/2)
$4 off RevitaLens OcuTec item, 20 oz + (exp 3/2)
.50/2 Sargento shredded Natural cheese, 5 oz + (exp 3/1)
.50/2 Sargento sliced Natural cheese (exp 3/8)
.75/1 Sargento Tastings cheese (exp 3/22)
$1 off Spice Island Gourmet Taco Seasoning (exp 3/15)
$2.50 off Store Brand Chicken or Beef purchase WYB (1) Spice Islands seasoning or extract (exp 3/15)
$1/2 Sunsweet dried fruit items (exp 4/5)
$4 off TruHeart heart health supplement (exp 3/22)
$1/2 Werther’s Original caramel (exp 3/31)
$1 off Werther’s Original caramel popcorn (exp 3/31)
.50/1 Wonderful Halos, 2 lb. + (exp 2/25)
$1 off Woolite product, 50 oz + (exp 3/7)
.50/1 Zest body wash (exp 3/8)
.50/1 Zest soap 3-bar pk. + (exp 3/8)


$2 off Always Discreet liners or pads
$2 off Always Discreet underwear items, excl trial size
.25/1 Cascade product, excl trial size
.75/2 Charmin (1) Charmin product AND (1) Bounty product, excl single rolls and trial size
.25/1 Charmin or Bounty product, excl single rolls and trial size
$1.50/3 Charmin or Bounty product, excl single rolls and trial size
$1.50/2 Clairol Aussie shampoo, conditioner or styling item, excl trial size
$3/3 Clairol Aussie shampoo, conditioner or styling item, excl trial size
$5/2 Clairol hair color, excl Age Defy, Balsam, Textures & Tones, trial size (exp 2/8)
$2 off Clairol hair color, excl Age Defy and trial size
$1 off Clairol Herbal Essences body wash, excl trial size
$2/2 Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo, conditioner or styling item, excl Color, body wash and trial size
$1 off CoverGirl face item, excl accessories and trial size
$2/2 CoverGirl products, excl accessories and trial size
$3 off Crest Sensi-Stop, 6-12 ct., excl trial size
.50/1 Crest toothpaste 3.0 oz +, Liquid Gel, Pro-Heath Stages, For Me, For Me Jr., or Kid’s Crest toothpaste 4.2 oz +, excl Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar Control and trial size
.50/1 Duracell Coppertop, Quantum, Ultra Photo Lithium, or Specialty batteries, or rechargeable batteries or charger, or Hearing aid batteries 6 pk +, excl trial size
.75/1 Febreze product, excl trial size
$2/2 Febreze products, excl trial size
$4/2 Gillette Clinical deodorant, excl trial size
$2/2 Gillette deodorant or body wash, excl trial size
Free Gillette Fusion shave prep, up to $4.99, WYB Gillette male razor, excl trial size (exp 2/8)
Free Gillette Satin Care or Venus shave gel, up to $4.99, WYB Venus Razor, excl disposables and trial size (exp 2/8)
$3/2 Head & Shoulders full size product, 380 ml or 12.8 oz, excl treatments, trial size
.35/1 Ivory or Safeguard body wash or bar 3-ct +, excl Ivory laundry, dish and trial size
$1/2 Luvs bags, or (1) box diapers, excl trial size
$2 off Meta Health Bar, Singles, Capsules or Wafers, excl Meta Health Bar 1 ct.
$2 off MetaBiotic product, excl Meta Health Bar 1 ct.
$2 off Metamucil product, excl Meta Health Bar 1 ct.
$1 off Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, liquid or spray, excl trial size
.50/1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, excl trial size
$1 off Olay body wash, bar soap 4 ct. +, or hand and body lotion, excl trial size
$3/2 Olay facial moisturizer or facial cleanser, excl Pro-X, Regenerist, Total Effects, Age Defying, trial size
$3 off Olay Pro-X or Regenerist facial moisturizer or facial hair removal, excl trial size
$1.50 off Olay Total Effects or Age Defying facial moisturizer, excl trial size
$1/2 Old Spice products, excl trial size
$1 off Old Spice shampoo, 2-in-1 or styling item, excl trial size
.50/1 Oral-B Glide Floss 13M +, or Glide Floss Picks 30 ct. +, excl trial size
.50/1 Oral-B Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health, Complete, Sensi-Soft, Pro-Health Stages, For Me, For Me Jr, or Kid’s manual toothbrush, excl trial size
Free Pampers Wipes, 72 ct. or less, up to $3.99, WYB Pampers diapers or pants (exp 2/8)
Free Pantene Conditioner or Styler, up to $5, WYB Pantene Shampoo, excl 6.7 oz and trial size (exp 2/8)
$6/2 Prilosec OTC item, 42 ct. (exp 2/8)
Free Puffs product, up to $1.89, WYB (2) Vicks products, excl VapoDrops, ZzzQuil and trial size (exp 2/8)
$1 off Scope product, 250 mL +, excl trial size
$2 off Secret Clinical Strength deodorant, excl .5 oz and trial size
$3/2 Secret Outlast, Scent Expressions or Destinations deodorants or body sprays, excl .5 oz, trial size
$1.50/2 Swiffer refills or solutions, excl trial size
.50/1 Swiffer refill or solution, excl trial size
$2 off Swiffer sweeper or duster starter kit, excl trial size
$3 off Swiffer WetJet, Sweep & Trap or SweeperVac starter kit, excl trial size
$3/2 Tampax Pearl or Radiant tampon, 16 ct. +
$2/3 Tide detergents, Boost, To Go, Washing Machine Cleaner, or Downy or Bounce, excl Tide detergent 10 oz., Simply Clean & Fresh, PODS, Downy Single Rinse or Unstopables, Bounce Bursts, and trial size
.50/1 Tide detergents, Boost, To Go, Washing Machine Cleaner, or Downy or Bounce, excl Tide detergent 10 oz., Simply Clean & Fresh, PODS, Downy Single Rinse or Unstopables, Bounce Bursts, and trial size
$1/2 Tide detergents, Boost, To Go, Washing Machine Cleaner, or Downy or Bounce, excl Tide detergent 10 oz., Simply Clean & Fresh, PODS, Downy Single Rinse or Unstopables, Bounce Bursts, and trial size
$4 off Tide Oxi, excl trial size
$1 off Vicks DayQuil Severe or NyQuil Severe item, excl trial size
$2 off Vicks QlearQuil item, excl trial size
$1 off Vicks ZzzQuil item, excl trial size
$3 off Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair color, excl Pro Series hair color, shampoo, conditioner, styler and trial size
$1 off Vidal Sassoon shampoo, conditioner or styler, excl Color and trial size

New Video: Michael’s $2 Grab Bags!


Periodically, Michael’s craft stores have $2 grab bags! I have heard about these in the past, but since the closest Michael’s was over an hour away, I’d never gotten any. However, now that we have a Michael’s in our area, I was able to go today to get some!

Note that some Michael’s have bags while others have boxes. Also, not all stores do this, but it seems that most do. So if you have a Michael’s nearby, it’s definitely worth stopping in to see if your store has any. My store had a big bin by the door as well as another by checkout.

I bought five bags, and I tried to pick all different sizes to get a variety of items. My dad helped me film the following video where we open up the bags and show you everything inside! My card table is now full of ribbons, floral, and holiday decor; definitely a great value! :-)

How To Improve Your Ebay Sales!

ebayEbay has reported a dismal quarter as holiday sales were quite disappointing (CLICK HERE to read more on the AuctionBytes website). Ebay is laying off nearly 2,400 jobs and restructuring to hopefully turn things around.

As scary as it is to hear bad news coming out of Ebay, I truly believe that there are a lot of things we Ebay sellers can do to help improve the site and keep buyers coming back. If we all implement the following tips, we will all see improved sales AND help the Ebay site improve:

Number one, be sure you are listing items that will actually sell. Before I list anything on Ebay, I do a completed listing search to see if the item has been selling and for how much. If I find that something hasn’t been selling at all, even at 99-cents, I don’t even bother listing it. Since I always buy low, I can easily recoup my money at my own garage sale. Instead, I focus on only listing items that I know WILL sell. If an item doesn’t sell within the first 30 days, I start marking it down. If it hasn’t sold after 30 days, I usually pull it from the site.


My book EBAY SELLER SECRETS is filled with tips and tricks to help you improve your Ebay sales! 

Number two, be sure your listings are well-written and accurate. Load up your title with keywords and make sure you are describing item accurately. Provide as much information as you can about everything you list, including all markings and measurements.

Number three, provide lots of crisp, clear photos. Take pictures from all angles against a clean white surface (I use two white foam boards from Dollar Tree that I place at an angle as my photo backdrop). Ebay allows 12 photos per listings, so take advantage of that and upload lots of pictures. You want to give customers the feeling they would have if they were in a store and handling an item in person, looking at it from all angles.

Number four, offer fair and competitive shipping rates. I offer calculated shipping on all of my listings; having a digital scale allows me to weigh items before I list them to get an accurate weight. I offer buyers both a parcel and a Priority option, and I don’t charge a handling fee. I will usually upgrade the shipping to Priority if it is less than $1 so that the customer gets their item even faster than expected. All of our orders are carefully packed in clean shipping materials, and we usually ship out the following business day.


My book EBAY SHIPPING MADE EASY walks you through the steps of shipping on Ebay, including setting up your shipping settings, figuring costs, paying for and printing labels, and packing tips!

We sellers need to do everything we can to provide our customers with a stellar shopping experience so that they will continue to shop on Ebay. When a buyer has a bad experience with one seller, it reflects badly on all of us. Do everything you can to make your Ebay listings the best they can be and we’ll all benefit!

For more information about selling on Ebay, check out the MAKE MONEY ON EBAY page here on my site where you’ll find links to all of my Ebay books as well as my Ebay YouTube video playlist. Between my books and videos, I provide you with everything you need to know about selling on Ebay! :-)

Cents of Style: Druzy Triangle Necklace & Earrings Sets Only $7.95 with FREE Shipping!


Today over on Cents of Style, you can get a Triangle Druzy Necklace plus a FREE pair of earrings AND FREE shipping for only $7.95 when you enter coupon code DRUZYSTEALS at checkout! There are size different colors to choose from, and you can choose as many sets as you’d like!

Supplies are limited, so CLICK HERE to get yours! :-)


FREEBIES: Kid-Friendly Cookbook, Soy Sauce, and Shape Magazine!

Here are a few new freebies available for you to request! Remember that these offers are on a first come, first serve basis and usually go fast. :-)

FREE Kid-Friendly Recipes with Sun-Maid Raisins & Dried Fruits cookbook from Gooseberry Patch! 


FREE sample of Little Soya Gluten-Free Soy Sauce! 


FREE subscription to Shape magazine!